Are You Held Back In Life, For Some Reason, & You Can't Think Why? Are You Always Seeking Answers, To Help 'Fix You' & None The Closer?

Discover why you are holding yourself back from living a thriving life, and understand that your fears of failure and self-doubts that are preventing you from achieving your goals, and life long dreams, are in fact BS! 

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Are You An Empowered Soul? Are You An Ambitious Woman, Who Knows You Were Meant For More In Life, Perhaps Make An Impact In Your Business, Your Life, Your Career, Heck Even As A Mother, But This Crazy Little Voice Inside Your Head, is Telling You YOU ARE JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH? GIVE UP? YOU SUCK!

I hear ya lady! I WAS THE SAME! 

'How can things ever go right for me, when I can't even motivate my own asian butt, when I am always procrastinating & making excuses?' And because of this excuse, as let's face it - IT IS - you become drowned in emotional overwhelm and seem to feel 'stuck' - you don't know what to do, where to go, and constantly relying on others to help you, to save you, and every day seems like the same! BOOHOO!  

Honestly, THIS WAS ME, and all the hundred's of women I have worked with over the past 2 years, because we do sob, and feel sorry for ourselves - BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It's time to wipe that booger off your face, and take inspired action with my Ultimate Mindset Manual alongside a COACHING tutorial video to guide you through it! Aren't you a lucky soul? 

You could be someone in a high powered role, a career driven soul, a coach, a leader, a beautiful mama who just wants to do something with her life, whoever you are, where ever you are in life, when you take inspired action, and just do, you literally grow from strength to strength - 


In this free manual you will: 

  •  Identify what negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs are preventing you from taking action and why you are holding yourself back from achieving your goals. 
  • Understand how to release your mental blockages so that you can have the confidence & clarity to make sound decisions & have balance & freedom within your life!  
  • Understand the difference between positive and negative emotions and how by acknowledging them will allow you to unleash your authenticity so that you can attract your ideal life! 
  • Accept your life experiences to feel instant monumental change within your mindset so that you can take the necessary actionable steps to achieve your goals and give up procrastination for good! 
  • Have a clear understanding of how being aware of your thoughts and emotions can open the gateway for manifestation and attract your deepest desires so that you can believe that you can achieve with undeniable trust in the universe and within yourself!

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Check out these incredible women who have literally been following this method, and how by rewiring their minds, they have had a complete transformation in their life!

Meet Sam Evans


All I ever wanted to do was to HELP PEOPLE. I didn't know how, or what I had to do, but I knew I had a gift. By doing what I do, not only do I bring out the best in my clients, but I witness the growth of incredible female entrepreneurs who step up with authenticity and turn their dreams into reality - just by reprogramming their minds and tapping into their Super-Power.

Sam Evans • Self-Belief & Self-Sabotage Specialist.